Youtube: All Things Indie Game Dev


Jayanam is an indie game developer, 2d / 3d artist and software development engineer for about 15 years. I am creating tutorials and how to game development videos for the tools and programming languages like:

Blender, ZBrush, 3D-Coat, Unity-3D, Unreal Engine (UE4), iClone, Photoshop and Krita – C++, C# or Python.


Color in games: A Gamasutra Blog Article


Knowledge about color spans across several disciplines: physics, biology, psychology, art, and design. It is a useful tool for the artist to create emotion, for the game designer to emphasize function, and for the marketer to set apart. In this article we look at color in games – its function, how technology has improved color display, and how our biology affect the perception of color.

Color in games: An in-depth look at one of game design’s most useful tools